February 1, 2018

Wonder Wool: Why You Should Invest In A Pair Of BAABUK Slippers

Finally. February has arrived, after what feels like approximately seven hundred years of January. But winter isn’t quite done with us yet… Thankfully, I’ve found just the product you need to make it through the rest of the predictably dreary month: enter BAABUK’s Gus Slippers.

If you haven’t already heard of them, BAABUK is a certified BCorp based in Switzerland that specialises in slippers and trainers made from wool – yes, that’s right, wool. Although I previously wasn’t a huge fan of wearing shoes indoors, after getting my hands on a pair of BAABUK’s beautiful slippers a few weeks ago, I’m now not sure I could go without.

What I love most about these shoes is the fact that there’s a real story behind them, connecting people from all over the world. Founded in 2013 by couple Galina and Dan, BAABUK’s slippers are inspired by Galina’s childhood in Russia, and the ‘Valenkis’ that have been keeping the toes of people in the coldest parts of the country warm and toasty since the 16th century.

Like their traditional inspiration, BAABUK’s slippers are felted in one piece – without seams or stitches – which helps make them both comfortable and durable. They’re made entirely of wool – except for the sole, which is made of 100% natural latex. Their wool is sourced from New Zealand, as the process of washing the material here is more environmentally friendly – only water and soap are used, and the water is then recycled, so as not to pollute the rivers. Plus, there’s A LOT of sheep here, in case you weren’t already aware. The wool is then sent to Nepal, and handmade into slippers in a workshop that Galina and Dan built from scratch.

The best thing about these slippers is that they can be worn all year round. Because they’re made of wool, they’ll not only help keep your feet snuggly and warm for the rest of the winter months, but they’ll also help keep them cool throughout the summer too. Because of its unique structure, the fibres absorb moisture and let it evaporate – so your feet can breathe and stay fresh even during the hottest parts of the year. In fact, wool is so breathable that Bedouin tribes of the Sinai wear this material to actually protect themselves from the desert heat. Plus there’s no need for socks…

From an environmental perspective, wool’s a great material for a number of reasons: it’s not only totally natural, renewable and sustainable, but it’s also recyclable and biodegradable. It can even be composted and used as a fertiliser.

On top of this, wool is around seven times stronger than cotton, but still flexible; it can be bent over 30,000 times without any damage. Because of this, the longer you wear your slippers, the more comfortable they get, as they mould to your feet.  Plus, they’re fire retardant AND water repellent, so are really easy to clean – and you can even venture outside in them.

Overall, I’d definitely say it’s time to treat your feet to a pair of these. They’re also unisex, so would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Get your own pair of Gus slippers or shop all BAABUK shoes.

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