November 23, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Switch To Ethique

I was first told about Ethique by a friend earlier this year, and after stumbling across them online and deciding to give them a go, I realised just how amazing not only the products are, but also the brand itself. Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique – the French word for ‘ethical’) is a beauty company committed to sustainability, and is the first in the world to develop an entirely solid product range. Everything they sell comes as a bar – from face moisturiser and shaving cream to deodorant and foot polish – and they even make doggie shampoo. If you’re not sold already, check out my 5 reasons why you should #GiveUpTheBottle and switch to Ethique!

1. Good for the environment 
I first switched to Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars as part of the Plastic Free July challenge. Sanitary items are huge plastic culprits – but as hygienic ladies, it’s pretty hard for us to avoid. These bars are the answer to all your plastic free prayers, as they come in biodegradable packaging – which you can pop straight into your compost bin; so far, Ethique has prevented the manufacture and disposal of over 150,000 plastic containers worldwide. It’s also great news if you’re an animal lover, as they’re 100% vegan and certified Cruelty-Free. And to top if off, Ethique has committed to donating either 2% of revenue or 20% of their profits (whichever is highest) to charity. On the whole, 10/10 for ethical effort.

2. They last AGES 
Because they’re super-concentrated, Ethique’s bars will last you three to six times longer than bottled products. Mine lasted me almost the entire summer, and I still have some from my sampler box, which is perfect if you’re new to Ethique and fancy trying out a few products in miniature form.

I also tried out the ‘Perfecter’ moisturiser, which comes in a pack of three, and I’ve only just moved on to my second bar despite using it every single day. I highly recommend this product – you just hold the solid bar in your hand until it warms up slightly, rub your hands together and massage into your face. You don’t need that much because it’s really light but still spreads easily, but doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s magic in a compostable wrapper.

3. Makes your hair (and body) feel AMAZING

For those of you who see me regularly in public, it will come as no surprise to you that I struggle with flat hair syndrome. I can spend hours meticulously zhuzhing (apparently a real word) up my hair, and by the time I’m ready to leave the house, it’s gone back to its natural lifeless state. But when I use my Ethique shampoo and conditioner bars, my hair has an added extra volume to it, and is so full of life. No more upside-down hair drying or hair products required. I don’t know exactly why this is, you’ll just have to trust me on this one, or see for yourself!

Because the shampoo bars are essentially dehydrated, to use them you just hold them under the water to lather them up and then run them over your hair – just like a bar of soap. I’d never had literally ‘squeaky clean’ hair before – but after using these bars, it’s a regular occurrence. I also got myself a shave bar – which I love. It works just like the shampoo bars, and leaves your legs feeling silky smooth, and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

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4. Great for travelling
These bars are perfect for a weekend away. You can stick them in your hand luggage and never have to worry about getting them out again going through airport security because they don’t contain water – which also means you don’t need to worry about any potential spillages. They’re much smaller than shampoo and conditioner bottles, and don’t take up much space in your bag at all. Overall, it’s a win for everyone!

5. Doesn’t cost the earth
One of the things that people don’t realise about being more environmentally friendly is that, a lot of the time, it’s cheaper than you think – and it can actually save you money. One bar of Ethique shampoo costs £11.49, which equates to about three bottles of liquid shampoo. Saving the planet never felt so good. 

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A little insider tip for you
Make sure you don’t leave your bars anywhere too wet, or you’ll lose precious Ethique goodness down the drain. I would recommend getting a little holder or container for them if and when you’re travelling lots because they get slippery, and the packaging tends to disintegrate if it gets too damp. Thankfully, Ethique also sell these too. They have some gorgeous dishes made from coconut shells, as well as little boxes made from compostable bamboo. Make sure you check out more of Ethique’s wonderful products, here. 

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