November 17, 2017

How To Offset Your Emissions With TreeEra

Last year, The Good Life Co. went on a road trip around New Zealand, planting trees as we went to help offset some of our emissions. It was so great to know that we were doing something to help protect the environment and taking responsibility for our actions.

But we know that actions like this aren’t always possible; people don’t have time to plant trees wherever they go. Thankfully, there’s still a way you can do this, without even leaving your front door…

TreeEra is a company helping individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint by community-funding the planting of trees. For just over £9 a month, TreeEra will plant 100 trees a year on your behalf. If you’d like more, they can plant 200 for £15 – around 90p per tree!

One tree can provide enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.

A single tree can offset up to one ton of CO2 in its lifetime. That’s about the same as 2,200 miles in your car. Over their lifetime, 100 trees could take the equivalent of almost 20 cars off the road for a whole year.

For more information or to start planting with TreeEra, visit their website, here.

You can also check out TreeEra’s interview with The Good Life Co. to find out why trees are so important to us, here.

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