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5 ideas for a sustainable lent

Whether you’re a raving burgerholic, addicted to buying new clothes, or enjoy a 20 minute shower every single morning, now’s the perfect time to give something new a go for 40(ish) days to help save the planet.


Wonder wool: why you should invest in a pair of BAABUK slippers

Finally. February has arrived. But winter isn’t quite done with us yet…Thankfully, I’ve found just the product you need to make it through the rest of the predictably dreary month.


7 steps towards a plastic free life

We’ve put together a handy list of alternative products, as well as all the information you need to motivate you to ditch plastic for good.


Is veganuary the answer to saving the planet?

It’s clear that cutting down our meat and dairy intake does have a big impact on the environment. But is a vegan diet always the answer?


Our top 10 sustainable travel tips

Being a more sustainable traveller is all about making choices about where we travel, when we go and how we get there. It’s also about the way you chose to act and things you do when you get to your destination. 


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Peak & Stumble: Travel Blog

Everyone loves to travel and visit new places – but this can have a huge impact on the environment. Visit our Peak & Stumble travel blog to find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint, and find out how you can give back to the communities you travel to. 

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Little & Large: Food & Recipes

Visit our Little & Large blog for info on how to make your diet more sustainable – from making changes to what you buy and where you buy it from, to how to grow more food at home. Plus there’s lots of delicious and easy vegan and vegetarian recipes for you to try. 

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Fox & Moon: For House & Home

Check out some of our favourite products and eco-friendly ideas on our Fox & Moon blog. We’re got some amazing insights on a range of zero-waste and plastic free products you can fill your home and wardrobe with, as well as tips on how to make your own. 

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What does sustainability really mean?

Put simply, sustainability is about using the world’s resources today in a way that maintains their supplies for the future. In practice this means doing things that will lessen our impact on the environment – like reducing the amount of water and energy we use, eating locally and growing our own produce, relying less on cars and changing the way we purchase and use items.

How can I be more sustainable?

First things first, you need to ditch those disposables and invest in more durable and ethically produced products – like bamboo toothbrushes and reusable water bottles. When you do decide to get rid of things you can recycle or resell them, or donate them to someone in need. It’s all about reducing the amount of waste and pollution you create and helping others to do the same. It’s also about being more aware of the impact you have on the world, as well as knowing where your food and products came from. 

Offset your emissions with TreeEra

TreeEra is a company helping individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by community-funding the planting of trees. For just over £9 a month, TreeEra will plant 100 trees a year on your behalf. If you’d like more, they can plant 200 for £15 – around 90p per tree!

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